An Intense Shootout Flares up In Jammu Prior To PM Modi’s Visit

An Intense Shootout Flares up In Jammu Prior To PM Modi’s Visit

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Terrorists’ mere existence near a critical military facility in Jammu is a serious security worry ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s first tour to the state after August 2019.

An intense shootout flared early Friday morning in Jammu between security personnel and terrorists nearby an army post, two days before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the region. Authorities claim two terrorists were killed, one security officer was deceased, and four others were hospitalized in the shoot-out.

What Happened At Sunjwan?

“The Sunjwan clash resulted in the deaths of two terrorists. Terrorists camped in Sunjwan were plotting a large-scale strike. The goal was to kill as many security personnel as possible, “Dilbag Singh, the police chief of Jammu and Kashmir, claimed. Terrorists targeted a bus transporting 15 soldiers in the morning, according to a CISF official. “The CISF decisively reacted and pushed the terrorists to leave. In operation, one CISF officer was shot, and two others were wounded,” he stated.

The clash began after security personnel conducted a pre-dawn functioning in Jammu’s Sunjwan cantonment region. Terrorists were allegedly plotting a strike on the city, according to the police. Terrorists attacked a bus transporting CISF officials, killing an Assistant Sub Inspector, according to the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF).

PM Modi’s Visit To Jammu and Kashmir

The incident comes only days before Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in Jammu on Sunday. Terrorists around a key military base in the city were a major security concern prior to his first official visit to Jammu and Kashmir after the former state’s special protection was abolished in August 2019.

PM Modi will speak at a large gathering in Palli village, which thousands of Panchayat representatives will witness.