US Returned Couple Murdered In Chennai By their Servants, Rs 5 Cr stolen

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A couple in Chennai were murdered by their household help and driver on May 7. The couple had just returned from the United States after visiting their daughter who resides there. Security forces have seized Rs 5 crore in stolen jewellery, along with nine kg of gold. Two suspects have been taken into custody in reference to the crime.

Srikanth, 60, and his 55-year-old wife Anuradha were recognised as the couple. Srikanth worked as a Chartered Accountant.

The suspects reportedly murdered the couple in their home and hid their corpses on their property outskirts of Chennai. Police nabbed him as well as another Andhra Pradesh guy as they prepared to flee to their birthplace in Nepal.

Cops noted he was travelling across the Chennai-Kolkata route using his phone number and Fast-Tag memos, according to The Times of India. They issued a lookout for him. When he arrived in Andhra Pradesh, he was detained by the state police.

Under detention, the man admitted to killing the couple, stealing their belongings, and burying their remains in a farmhouse. A team retained the remains and transported them to a medical centre for autopsies.

How did the incident come to light?

When the couple’s daughter, who resides in the United States, couldn’t reach her parents, she contacted local relatives as the couple’s cellphones were turned off. Relatives then reached out to Police.

The two convicts, personal help Krishnan, who also works as an occasional driver, and his acquaintance Ravi, were captured by police in Andhra Pradesh’s Ongole when they were attempting to leave. The police deployed advanced tracking systems to apprehend them before they escaped the country. “We have recovered critical proof, along with the CCTV footage that the culprit had stolen. We have a convincing case for sentencing “said Dr Kannan, a senior officer in the Chennai police department.

Why did the culprit murder the couple?

Krishnan suspected a couple of having Rs 40 crore money at their home from a latest real estate transaction and had intended to rob it.