Mahindra Reva premium car e2o launched at Rs 5.72 lakh

Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd launched a new premium variant of the sole electric vehicle, e2o. Priced at Rs 5.72 lakh (on road Delhi), the new variant of Reva uses variable assist electric power steering and comes with an extended range of 120km.


On the occasion of the launch Chief Executive Officer, Chetan Maini said that the e2o is automatic with the smallest turning radius and features like the hill-hold that prevent it from rolling back while on an incline.

The premium varaiant also called T2 (Premium) takes 5 hours to charge fully and 1 hr for a 20 km range from a standard 220V 15 A socket. With turning radius of 1958 mm and ground clearance of 180mm, the car weighs 830 kgs.

As a part of a programme, in Delhi, the car has intial acquisition cost and energy cost seperated. After Rs.5.72 lakh on road price, the premium variant will be available at a monthly energy fee of Rs.2,999 for a period of five years.

Mr Maini accentuated further saying that they are looking closely at ways to utilize the technology to alleviate the range anxiety among the customers. With the advancements they made the premium variant of e2o has come with an extended range of 120 km for a single charge.

If the customers are running low on charge, they can use REVive app to give some extra charge. By accessing the app on their smart phones, customers can remotely activate the reserve energy which will get them going for an additional 8km.