Scorpio goes for the overhaul, new generation design and features make it awesome

One of the leading SUVs in the nation has got a facelift. Mahindra & Mahindra has launched the all new Scorpio 2015 edition in Mumbai and has pushed the limits to come up with an ushering revamp.

The new generation Scorpio has undergone a facelift in both the exteriors and the interior.

The new chassis layout is the one that stands out. Along with raising the levels of durability with the new chassis, Mahindra has also kept in mind the riding and handling ease.

scorpio 2014

The exteriors get a major noticeable upgrade ever since its launch with the all new Scorpio being loaded with stylish headlights and tail lamps. Visit official website for all the info.

The older wheels have also found replacement by the new 17 inch alloy wheels, which just add to the stunning aspect.

In the interior, Mahindra has brought in a new design for the dashboard, consoles, steering wheel, a/c vents and all. An upgraded gear-box has also been thrown in.

Despite a major overhaul, Mahindra has left the heart of the automotive untouched and the new edition Scorpio would be featuring the 2.2 L mHawk engine as was the case with the previous edition.

The front and rear suspension systems also have been redesigned. A vibration damper on the propeller shaft, and polyurethane bump stops have been brought in. Mahindra has also revealed the pricing to be in the range of Rs 7.98 lakh to Rs11.46 lakh.

The SUV has been serving as the face of Mahindra Automobiles ever since its launch dating back to more than a decade.

Scorpio 2014 Review:

Over 4 lakh Scorpios have already been rolled out to the Indian markets since its launch, while around 74,000 units have been sold globally.

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