Ello! The future of social networking is here

The fever of Ello, an anti-Facebook social network is increasing day by day.

Originally launched as a private network website, Ello is now slowly opening up for general public to increase its client base.


The main feature of Ello is the absence of advertisements, which are increasing pretty fast on Facebook and have left the users unsatisfied. Ello has claimed to protect the privacy of its users.

Currently, Ello.co is open only on the basis of invites. Curiosity and absence of opportunity to make the profile out there is leading to buy outs of invites on eBay.

The invites are being sold there for up to $500. It is heard that Ello is receiving on an average 35000 requests from prospective users.

As per Ello’s philosophy, social networking is a tool for empowerment, connecting, creating and celebrating life. It’s not about deceiving or coercing as the users are humans, not products.

According to Ello, it is highly unethical to make use of connections of users and selling their personal data. By using Facebook, people are actually paying a high price in the form of private data if not in the form of money.

For people now looking for a change in social networking platform, Ello has come as a saviour. The headquarters are located in Vermont and is led by Paul Budnitz who used to work as a bicycle and robot designer previously.

His team consists of designers and programmers who have set out to bring the most desperately needed change in the history of the internet.