Two Opinion Polls Predict Big Win For BJP In Maharashtra

According to two different opinion poll results declared on October 9, 2014, it seems BJP is all set to form the government in the state of Maharashtra in the upcoming assembly polls.

Narendra Modi Shivaji

One of the opinion polls gave the saffron party a clear majority of 254 seats, while the other one gave the total to be 133, which is close to the magic mark.

The first opinion poll was by Cicero for the India Today group, said a report on Times of India. It said, BJP would win anywhere between 121 and 145 of total seats, taking the seat total to 133.

If either of the opinion poll turn out to be true, there will be no denying that it’s a mass gain for BJP that had just 46 seats in the elections of 2009.

This also indicates that the vote share of the BJP has only increased to double from 14% to 30%.

The poll also had some bad news for the Shiv Sena that seemed to finish at 57 seats, which is lower than expected, while the NCP is expected to gain 33 seats.

Congress is expected to face the biggest loss with the predicted seat count for 2014 to be around 30 from the 80 seats it had last time.

The other poll was conducted by Hansa Research for The Week, which has forecasted a total sweep for BJP in the party with expected 154 seats. The Sena will get around 47 seats, while the Congress has to settle for just 25, the poll predicted.


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