Watch: Kanye West appears with ‘bloody lip & bruised face’ at Paris Fashion Week

Watch: Kanye West appears with 'bloody lip & bruised face' at Paris Fashion Week


Kanye West appeared at Paris Fashion Week with a ‘bloody lip & bruised face.’ Fans were shocked to see him.

New pictures show Kanye West sporting a bleeding lip and bruises at Paris Fashion Week. While attending the Givenchy and Balenciaga fashion shows, Kanye was photographed, but he appeared to be hurt.

Fortunately, his injury was only a show for fashion week, and it appeared he was not seriously damaged. He seemed worn in this ensemble to start the Balenciaga fashion presentation.

Kanye strolled through the muddy runway in an all-black ensemble with a security guard vest and a black sweatshirt.

Ye wore a black baseball cap with the word “2023” in white block letters while keeping the hood of his hoodie up.

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A mouth guard in black with the words “Balenciaga” written across the front completed his appearance.

Kanye has always been sparking controversy.

Kanye began donning full-face masks in the previous ten years, leaving little to the imagination. North was seen wearing a wacky face mask and taking some style ideas from her father.

In a Balenciaga ensemble, Kim has also been spotted using a complete face mask, giving the impression that she is a robot. The look was reminiscent of Kim’s full-coverage all-black Met Gala ensemble.


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