Tendulkar’s revelations about Greg Chappell stirs a hornet’s nest

Sachin Tendulkar is a man of no controversies; neither does he like to put his head into one. But his autobiography, ‘Playing It My Way’, seems to be at odds with his on and off field traits as his upcoming book has already opened a can of worms.

Tendulkar Greg Chappel is war of words

It’s his allegations against former coach Greg Chappell that has stirred up the old happenings yet again. Labeling the former coach as a ring master, the Master Blaster accused Chappell of imposing his ideas on the players regardless of any choice.

His revelations are now been given an added boost by none other than former skipper Sourav Ganguly, who had the worst tiff with Greg Chappel.

Speaking in response to the claims in Sachin’s autobiography, Ganguly reveals that despite being aware of the happenings, Rahul Dravid wasn’t able to put a hold on Greg Chappell. He says that he spoke with Rahul about the ongoings after making a return to the Indian squad before the 2007 World Cup.

“This goes on to show how the man went about his job” Sourav said while speaking of the shift in captaincy from himself to Rahul by Greg Chappel.

Saurav, who is considered to be the leading force for bringing in Greg Chappell as the head coach, found himself losing his position in the squad following aspat with the Australian.

The strife between the then captain and coach also gets mentioned in Sachin’s Autobiography. “Sourav is one of the best cricketers India has produced and he did not need favours from Chappell to be part of the team” writes Sachin for his book which is to release on November 6th.

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