Salman Khan will beat Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Chennai Express’ box-office collections

Shahrukh-salman hug

Salman Khan is well known throughout the Indian film industry for being the guy that holds onto a grudge. HARD. The Indian media went berserk claiming that the longstanding rift between SRK and Salman ended when the former offered an embrace to the self-proclaimed King of Bollywood during an Iftar party not so long ago.

However, it seems like Salman hasn’t really forgiven Shahrukh in his heart of hearts.

Shahrukh-salman hug

In an event, held on September 11, 2013, that marked the announcement of the new season of reality show Bigg Boss, host Gaurav Kapoor asked Salman if he would invite Shahrukh Khan on the show that sees many celebrity guests through the season.

At first, Salman joked that he might have a problem with that but then claimed, a little more seriously, that SRK would be “more than welcome” to appear on “Bigg Boss Season Saath 7” if he has a film coming up and he wants to promote it.

Salman was also asked if he was still antagonistic to SRK after the Iftar-party hug. To this the star replied that during the month of Ramzan, you need to greet every guest at an Iftar party and that if you skip a particular person, it is considered inhuman.

Salman added that if one needs to hurt someone, you should do so through your work and alluded to the massive box office collections SRK’s film “Chennai Express” received.

Fans, of course are left wondering, if Bollywood’s leading men ever think about making films that are better in quality than their rivals-in-chief, instead of focusing solely on box office collections.

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