Watch Anand vs Carlsen game 3 live streaming: 2014 World Chess Championship

It was an ultimate clash of the titans, and finally, defending champion Magnus Carlson defeated the Challenger Viswanathan Anand in the second game of the World Chess Championship which is going on in Sochi.

The loss was quite shocking for Viswanathan Anand who played black side of a Ruy Lopez, and this led him to a defeat which was inevitable in all means.

Anand vs Carlsen

Anand showed his veteran gaming skills throughout the match, and at one point, he literally flew like a phoenix bird to a tangible position from what seemed like a complete lost moment.

The game will be live streamed on the official website of FIDE World Chess Championship Sochi, Please visit the Live Video page to view a large-screen video of the game.

During these times, umpteen numbers of online spectators for cheering for the ‘Madras Tiger’ but on an unfortunate moment, Anand lost his rhythm, and played a blunder move which led him to an abrupt loss.

Live Match game 4: Anand vs Carlsen:

The first game ended up in a draw, and after the end of the second one the score is 1.5 (Magnus Carlson) – .05 (Viswanathan Anand). Fans of Viswanathan Anand expect a miracle in the third game, and they wish their hero will come out in flying colors.

Viswanathan Anand who is known for his defensive gaming technique should portray all his skills to combat the attack of Carlson in the third game.

In both the two games, Carlson was dominating Anand, and if it continues like this, then 2013 will repeat again, and the title will go back to Norway again.

10th November 2014 is considered as a rest day in the tournament, and the brain banks will clash again on Tuesday, 5.30 PM IST for the third game.


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