Dr. Rajkumar statue disfigured: Horrible incident shakes Karnataka

Dr. Rajkumar is considered as the most eminent personality in the Kannada Film Industry. He is much more than a film actor in the state, and Kannadiga’s have given him a special place in their hearts.

Rajkumar statue bangalore

Despite of all these love and affection, some social miscreants have disfigured the statue of Rajkumar on the night of November 12.  People came to know about the disfigurement on Wednesday morning, and they were all shell shocked with the dreaded deed.

This incident which happened 2 weeks before the inauguration of Rajkumar memorial has set a huge wave of tension among the fans of the actor.

The statue was set for inauguration on 23rd November. It was placed at Bangarappa Layout near Rajarajeshwari Nagar, and during the time of placing, there were no oppositions from anyone.

The land grabbed for placing this statue was free from any kind of ownership issues, and the authorities are trying hard to figure out the motive behind this move.

The statue was damaged by burning it using Kerosene and Paper. Police have filed a case in the Rajarajeshwari Nagar Police Station. S N Reddy, the Bangalore City Police Commissioner promised that he will catch the culprits in no time.

As per the commissioner, the police is suspecting a group of people who tried to build a temple in the same land where the statue is placed now.

Fans of Dr. Rajkumar are highly frustrated with this incident. To avoid further problems, the 50 Police men have been deployed in and around the area of tension.

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