Jimmy Chalfant hospitalized after suspected heart attack: Kix provides update on his health

On November 18, the famous KIX drummer Jimmy Chalfant fainted during a stage concert where he was also performing. He was reported to have suffered a heart attack.

It happened at KIX’s two-night stand at Leesburg, Virginia’s Tally Ho Theater alongside openers American Jetset. An insider disclosed that the drummer was carried out, and they were still waiting for an update from the paramedics.

After the incident, Chalfant has taken to the hospital and the ambulance arrived at the spot within two minutes. All those who attended the event posted videos on social media wishing Chalfant a speedy recovery.

Following the incident, the band’s touring guitarist Bob Pare revealed on Facebook the next day that they left the hospital at around 2 am local time and that Chalfant was awake, talking and joking, and his vitals were good. He continued:

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“Without a doubt, it was a very dire, scary, and serious situation. No further details are known at this time. Please keep both Jim and Cathy in your prayers. The Band will issue a formal statement in the future.”

The band issued a statement by saying that Chalfant had to undergo a few medical tests to determine the exact reason for his this condition. The statement continued that they appreciated the love and concern of the drummer and thanked everyone for their understanding on the matter.

Jimmy Chalfant suffered a heart attack in September last year and had to undergo surgery. According to the band’s statement at the time, the drummer was admitted to the hospital and had immediate surgery to insert two stents in his heart and another surgery the next day for another stent.

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The band kix was formed in 1977, and their first album was released in 1981. After two years of their first album, the band released their second album Cool Kids, in 1983. Their latest album Rock Your Face Off, was released in June 2014, which is their seventh album