Election results 2014: BJP triumphs in Jharkhand, PDP and BJP compete in J&K

 Once again, it has been proved that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a magician in Indian Politics.

The man has that extra capability to pull the public towards his party, and this has been proved substantially again in the Legislative Assembly elections of Jharkhand and Jammu and Kashmir.

BJP triumphs in Jharkhand, Heavy competition between PDP and BJP in J&K

The counting is going on in steady pace, and as per recent reports, BJP has already emerged as the winning party in Jharkhand.

Heavy competition is going on in Jammu and Kashmir between BJP and PDP, and as per recent reports BJP is leading in 29 seats while the later is in forefront in 25 seats.

Congress who tasted the failure of lifetime in both the states are shell shocked with the results. Reports claim that Congress may help PDP to form Government in Jammu and Kashmir.

National Congress, the ruling party in J&K also failed to withstand the unquestionable Modi factor which is prevailing all over the nation. Congress leads in 14 seats in Jammu and Kashmir, and National Congress leads in 11.

In Jharkhand, BJP has already affirmed their chances to form Government. They are leading in 53 seats in the state, whereas the ruling party JMM is leading in only 11.

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The whole nation is now looking forward towards the results in Jammu and Kashmir. Crucial talks are going on between Congress and PDP to form an alliance which may help them to form Government.

For live updates on election results, you can watch National channels like CNN IBN, Times Now, NDTV and Aaj Tak.

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