Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia tie the knot in a Nigerian ceremony

Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia tie the knot in a Nigerian ceremony

Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia recently exchanged vows in a Nigerian ceremony at the Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta. Around 250 guests attended the event and are all set to marry in another tradition. In an interview with People before the marriage, Williams said she was very excited. She continued,

“I am just so ready. I’m not even nervous. I know I’m marrying the love of my life, and it’s going to solidify our relationship and our family bond. I’m calm and excited.”


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Guobadia said that he was a bit nervous. He added that when that happens, an individual can walk down the aisle, and his nervousness comes from the family members and friends he has not seen in a long time coming to Atlanta. On the other hand, Williams stated that the one thing she is anxious about when it comes to their wedding is the seven wardrobe changes she would make over two days. She jokingly said,

“It’s going to be a true fashion extravaganza. I couldn’t turn any dresses down! If a wedding dress came my way. And I loved it; I got it.”

Porsha opted for three outfits on her wedding day, including a red gown for the ceremony, and the look was completed with a Kuku, a headpiece with Benin coral beads. She then wore two more dresses designed by Tabik, royal blue, and gold.

Guests had to follow suit by wearing traditional or formal Nigerian-inspired attire in the colors of the day – purple and teal. The pair also provided the cultural fabric to make their family members’ clothing for the day. Family members could choose how they wanted to design it with the material. Traditional Benin singers and dancers performed at the event.

The list of food items included traditional Benin foods like snails, egusi, meat pies, and okra stew from the local restaurant Little Lagos. The other things were fried lobster, steak, and cornbread.

The duo dated for a month and got engaged in May last year. Porsha is a television personality, actress, and author who gained recognition for her appearance in The Real Housewives of Atlanta. At the same time, Simon is the founder and CEO of Simcoe Petroleum Limited Company.