2014 is a year of achievements for ISRO

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) had a phenomenal year with 2014, with the first inter-planetary mission named Mangalayanmaking it to the Mars orbit in the first attempt.

2014 is a year of achievements for ISRO

Strangely, while a lot has been written, said and applauded about the Mars mission, it was not the only achievement in the entire year.

ISRO has successfully launched five foreign satellites and two GSLVs in the orbit, making the year a really productive one.

The year started with the launch of GSLV-D5 using “indigenous cryogenic technology”. The next in the line was the GSAT-14 communication satellite in the orbit, which took the country to new heights in space related work.

The indigenous cryogenic engine based GSLV is the first major success for the organization, given there were a lot of unsuccessful attempts since 2001.

Among the seven attempts made, but only two met with success, while one was partial success.

In April 2014, ISRO launched IRNSS 1B, which is the second navigational satellite and was planned under IRNSS or Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System.

Later in June, the organization received the feat of launching five foreign satellites in the orbit for a total of four different countries, including Singapore, Germany and Canada- a step applauded by Prime Minister Narender Modi.

Quite obviously, the biggest feat of the year was certainly the Mars Orbiter Mission in September, which earned global fame and applaud for ISRO and India for being successful at the mission in the first attempt.

The organization also launched GSAT-16 this year, marking a glorious year to remember. The list of achievements also include talks and agreements with China and Mexico.

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