DDA to build 800 studio flats for senior citizens in Dwarka

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has announced that it will build exclusive 800 apartments exclusively for the senior citizens in Dwarka.

The new range of flats from DDA will be one room flats with a bedroom, living space, kitchen and bathroom. Apparently, the flats will even have a balcony.

DDA flats

DDA has said that the complex designed will have medical facilities, library, yoga and meditation spaces, reported Hindustan Times.

Other common facilities like common rooms with TV and canteen along with tracks for walking and parks are also on the list.

The report further confirms the news from DDA officials, who have said that the overall construction will start within a year in Dwarka Sector 26. The plot size is 18,600 sqmt for the entire project.

These flats will be available for senior citizens for a rent, which the officials said will be reasonable. Agencies are likely to be hired for collecting apartment rent from the 60 plus adults residing in the premises.

Furthermore, more officials were quoted, who said that senior citizens having problems in their own homes or feeling lonely can come to this apartment and start a fresh and healthy life
The exclusive DDA flats will be offered for the next time, if someone chooses to move out or dies.

The apartments are likely to take at least two and half years for completion, and DDA will talk to consultants on the project.

A similar project in Rohini has also been proposed for sector 41 and 42, and DDA will go for public-private partnership for maintaining the complexes.

Services include common kitchen, library, offices, medical facilities and common rooms. The other project will also be available for rent.

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