Netflix says ‘Wednesday’ and ‘Harry & Meghan’ are two of its biggest hits ever

Harry and Meghan drop trailer for their bombshell Netflix

Tim Burton’s Addams Family spin-off “Wednesday” has surpassed “Dahmer” as the second-biggest English-language series in Netflix history.

Dahmer landed 856.2 million hours watched in its first month, while “Wednesday” has already crossed 1 billion with another week to go in its first month. That means it will go even higher! But it’s still not the top show, “Stranger Things” fourth season.

As for “Harry & Meghan,” it was Netflix’s second-biggest item of the past week and has been viewed for over 80 million hours.

That’s… a lot less than Wednesday, but that still makes it Netflix’s biggest documentary debut. People don’t watch documentaries for as long as they watch supernatural horror comedies, but do they enjoy documentaries more?

Wednesday trailer

There’s no way to know; we only see the number of hours spent watching a thing in its first month. Either way, it seems to be going okay at Netflix if it keeps dropping hit after hit, with each impact being more significant than the last hit.

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