What is the Indian Rummy Rejoin Rule?

Rummy is one of the most prevalent card games in the world. Millions of people play it, and it has a rich history dating back to 14th century India. The game was first introduced outside India when British soldiers brought some cards back home after fighting in the Anglo-Mysore Wars. 

Rummy can be played in two ways: with rummy cards or without them. If you have rummy cards, you must follow the Indian rummy rejoin rules when playing. These rules ensure everyone has an equal chance at winning and keep things fair for everyone involved. 

What is a Rejoin?

A rejoin is a way for players to get back into the game after being eliminated, losing their hand, or folding. To rejoin rummy, certain rules must be followed. If a player is dealt out, they are not allowed to rejoin until the next deal (unless they have won all hands in that round).

Rejoins are a great advantage in Rummy. They let you bring back dead cards into your hand and use them again later, which gives you more options to play with.

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Rejoin Rules

You can take more than one card from the discard pile when playing rummy. However, there is an upper limit to the number of cards you can take in one turn.

For example, if someone discards two or three, you could take all three cards or only two of them, depending on your hand value and discarding needs. You cannot choose to discard fewer than two cards from your hand because, as far as Indian rummy is concerned, it’s treated like a normal discard when making your next muggings play.

The following are the rummy rules for rejoining a game:

  • To rejoin a game, you must be able to play at least one card from your hand. If you cannot, you cannot join the game.
  • If you are the dealer and want to leave the table, someone else in the room can become your successor as a dealer. This means that if you leave mid-way through a round of cards, whoever takes your place as the dealer can decide whether or not they want to start another round of games or keep playing with only those who remain at their table.
  • If one of these players decides to play again after having left (or been removed by) their original table and joined another one, they’ll need both feet on that side of their body when deciding what happens next!
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How to Rejoin?

You can rejoin using any card from your hand or discard pile at any time during the game; however, it has different effects depending on when you do it:

  • If you rejoin before your opponent’s first discard, all their discarded cards are canceled and returned to their hand without replacement. This means they will have fewer options for their next turn because some of their cards won’t be available anymore!


  • If you rejoin after both players have discarded but before they’ve chosen replacements again, cancel all other players’ discards (without replacement) and put them back into their hands instead!


The Indian rummy rejoin rules are important to know if you want to play the game. If you don’t know the rules, it will be difficult to play against an opponent who knows them and knows how best to apply them to win the hand. 

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It’s also important for players who are new to the rummy game because they need all of the information they can get about this card game before deciding whether or not they want to play with others online or at home with friends or family members.


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