Samsung is Better Than Apple In Customer Satisfaction

All of the companies are constantly making great efforts to ensure that their customers are always satisfied and never disappointed. One such company who has managed to achieve the praise of its customers is Samsung.

Samsung is Better Than Apple

This South Korean tech company has managed to move ahead of companies like Apple to grab this title. Although the Samsung Galaxy S5, its flagship handset, did not manage to garner a lot of attention or response from the consumers, the American Customer Satisfaction Index tells a whole different story. Apparently the customers are a lot more satisfied by Samsung than they are by Apple.

Samsung has lately come under an immense pressure since its profits were steadily falling down. But when the survey was carried out it was revealed that the South Korean company was given a satisfaction rating of 81 points.

The maximum points that they could garner was 100. Samsung managed to get 2 points more than Apple, the Fox News reported.

Although Apple has lately got a lot more success than Samsung considering the iPhone6 and also 6 plus that were released last year. Both of these phones were awaited and were released with great fanfare. On the first weekend alone, Apple managed to sell 10 million units of the famous phone.

That being said, Samsung didn’t really have the same kind of success with its phone but when it came to satisfying the customer it did manage to edge past its arch rival. Seems like customer satisfaction has nothing to do with popularity.