High-End Neutrino Project Approved By The Indian Goverment

The centre has approved to begin a project for experimenting in the field of high energy physics. With this launch India soon be joining the Neutrino club.

High-End Neutrino Project

The cabinet Committee has given its not for the project will be coming up at a village near Tamil Nadu known as Pottipuram. Investment on lines of Rs. 1500 crore is being made in this regard.

The funds for the project are jointly provided by Department of Atomic Energy and Science and Technology. The infrastructure needed for the project will be set up with the help of the government of Tamil Nadu.

The detector has already been underground since placing it on the surface will have result in unwanted interactions.

This project coming up at Pottipuram and will involve a number of caverns. The main cavern housing the detector is predicted to be about 130 metres in length, 26 metres in width and 30 metres in height.

Two smaller caverns will be set up for the neutrino double detector and also the dark matters. A tunnel of length 2 km will be used to enter the complex.

The Inter Institutional Centre for High Energy Physics is expected to come up at Madurai at a distance of about 110 km from where the observatory is set up.

India is inviting scientists from all across the world to participate in the project to turn this place into an international hub specifically for high end research on the lines of CERN in Geneva.

Despite this progress, India’s participation in the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) will not be discontinued.