Study Conducted On Heart Attack Risk Among Women

A 20 year long study has tried to identify behaviours which may reduce the risk of contracting heart ailments. These are known to reduce the risk of heart problems by about 92%.

Study Conducted On Heart Attack Risk Among Women

The study which was carried out on 70000 nurses showed that women who engaged in exercise for 2.5 hours a week, watched TV for less than 7 hours or less in a week, did not smoke, maintained a healthy weight which is in accordance with the BMI are least likely to suffer a heart attack.

On the upside, women who consumed a drink per day fared better than those who do not drink at all. However, too much consumption of alcohol was seen to increase the risk factor of contracting heart diseases.

A healthy diet which ran along the lines of a “healthy eating pyramid” was also seen as a contributing factor for the prevention of heart attacks and diabetes.

This pyramid has been designed by the public health nutrition program of Harvard University. This diet recommends cutting back on red meat, salt, sugar and processed drinks. Potatoes, pasta, white bread and rice are also recommended to be limited to small portions.

Diet rich in fruits, vegetables and high fibre grains like oats and brown rice is encouraged. Fish, poultry, low fat diary and cheese are also recommended.

After carrying out the study for two decades, it has been concluded that almost 75% of the heart attacks in women can be prevented simply by following a healthy lifestyle.

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