Pakistan Cricketer Imran Khan and Reham wedding reception photos

Before the end of the controversial waves which set out after the secret marriage, Pakistan Former cricketer and politician, Imran Khan said that getting married is not a crime.

After denying the marriage news in the earlier moments, the Former Pakistan Test captain finally admitted the truth on Monday night. The 62 year-old Imran has married 41 year-old Reham, a former BBC weather girl.

Imran Khan Reham wedding pics (2) Reham Khan is a divorcee, and is a mother of three. She was living in Britain. Reham worked as an anchor on the BBC regional news program, ‘South Today’. Currently Reham works for ‘Aaj TV’ in Pakistan.

In a recent talk with Dailymail, Imran Khan revealed that he has nothing to hide. He added that getting married is not a crime, and it doesn’t demand prosecution.

Imran Khan Reham wedding pics (3)

The marriage news of Imran Khan was not welcomed warmly by the conservative Muslims in the nation. The women in Pakistan are mourning the marriage news, as most of them wished to tie the knot with this eligible bachelor.

Pakistani actress Meera, whose real name is Irtiza Rubab had earlier openly said about her desire to marry the the head of the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Party.

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Jemima Khan, the ex wife of Imran Khan thanked all the Pakistani people for sending some heart touching messages. She also added that Imran Khan will be happy in this new phase of life.

Imran Khan’s sister Aleema lashed out against the marriage news of his brother. She told that she doesn’t want to meet the new Mrs Khan.