ISRO Mars Orbiter Team Wins US Space Pioneer Award

In a proud moment for India, their program team, India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MoM) has won the very prestigious award for space pioneer in 2015 in USA.

Last year the team made India proud by launching their first mission mars orbit space shuttle successfully and now another feather has been added to their glory.

ISRO Mars Orbiter Team

The US based educational scientific group National Space Society (NSS) declared India’s team as winners for 2015. The 34th ISDC will be held in Toronto, Canada where the award will be distributed.

India’s mission mars or Mangalyaan was the cheapest project to be successfully completed.

Estimated overall cost behind the project was 74 million dollars. The space shuttle was launched on Nov 5th 2013 and it entered the orbit of Mars on Sep 24th 2014 successfully giving us a proud moment for life time.

Several other attempts were made by nations like USA and Russia were also made to launch their shuttle however India has been the first nation to complete it successfully.

India’s ISRO team has also been awarded the tag of best invention across the world. India’s Mangalyaan has boarded Mars orbit with five instruments namely: a camera, two spectrometers, radiometer and photometer.

It is aimed to find the trace of life and water on the planet as scientists are very curious to know if it is possible anyhow. They are trying to gather as much of data as they can about the planet and have set high expectation from the campaign.

They are aiming to solve the clues and discover astonishing facts about the planet and its atmosphere.

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