HTC to bring Connected and Entertainment Devices in 2015

Last few years were really bad for HTC, as they were getting jabs from all other OEMs because their devices were failing to compete with them, which led to huge loss in revenues, but now it seems HTC is rising again after a huge success of devices like the HTC One M8 and the original HTC One.

HTC is looking forward to a promising 2015 after their good performance in 2014, as they are planning to expand by releasing a bunch of new devices, that are more ‘connected’ and also they are planning to focus on the entertainment sector as well.

HTC to bring Connected and Entertainment Devices in 2015

By connected, it means HTC is planning to released smart home, or health related devices.

During CES, HTC and Under Armour released UA Record Fitness App, and they are further planning to release a wearable device which will work with it.

This could also mean that HTC might finally release a smartwatch as well, as a lot of rumors in past suggested that HTC is working on one.

The developments can be both hardware and software related, so 2015 might be the year of exploring new areas for HTC.

Regarding entertainment, HTC released an action camera like GoPro known as Re.

Re was a success for HTC and in 2015, we can expect a successor of it from HTC as well.

That doesn’t mean HTC is shifting their focus from their flagship smartphones.

We will definitely see the successor to the One Series in coming months, alongside some mid-range smartphones as well.

HTC managed to make a profit of  $14.7 million, which is really strong as compared to their previous records.

“It’s going to be very difficult, I think, for HTC to make great phones and great emerging devices and great software and services, but it’s just a challenge we have to take on,” said Bamford. “And HTC has never shied away from risks and challenge, so we’re diving into it head first and we’re having a lot with fun it.”

HTC is aware of the competition and the complications they will face, but they are ready to take them on. We hope to see a bunch of amazing devices from HTC in coming months, are you expecting anything nice from them? Let us know in the comment box below.

Source: Recode