‘Ghost particle’ claims the existence of Extra Terrestrial life

An odd microscopic structure has been discovered from the outer reaches of the Earth’s atmosphere by some Researchers at the University of Sheffield and University of Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology.Extra Terrestrial life

The new finding is touted to be a very substantial claim which proves the existence of alien life.

The living balloon in which the alien organisms has been found is named ‘ghost particle’. As per ANI reports, Researcher Milton Wainwright revealed that the particle found is of biological nature, and it is made up of carbon and oxygen.

As per Wainwright, the particle resembles a chiffon scarf with a width of human hair. It has a ghostly appearance which

This revealing spectral like ghost particle has been discovered from a debris gathered from outer space. Wainwright added that the particle found is more like a collapsed balloon, and in its natural state, it will be probably inflated.

This living balloon is expected to be lighter than air gases, and it will have the capacity to float in the air or seas in an unknown space which is beyond our imagination.

The living balloon is in an absolute pristine condition, and there is no infliction of contaminated particles like pollen, grass or other pollutants.

The particles which were found now has been obtained by sending balloons to the stratosphere, 27 kilometers above from the earth’s atmosphere.

The scientists are confident about the space origin of these particles, and they consider it as a strong evidence which proves the existence of alien lives.

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