The World Boxing Council Will Soon Implement a Transgender Category

The World Boxing Council Will Soon Implement a Transgender Category

Mauricio Sulaiman, the President of the World Boxing Council, reported at the start of this new year 2023 that the organization will soon implement a transgender category in the sport. This will help to instate more inclusion for people who love boxing and have a different gender identity than their birth gender.  

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Terms and Conditions of the New Transgender Category

The World Boxing Council has already thought ahead about its procedure for implementing the new transgender category so that it is of utmost fairness for the fighters. They want to make sure that a woman does not have to fight against a man. 

With that being said, the Council is instituting a birth rule whereas whichever gender the transgender boxer was originally born as will be in that designated category. Transgender boxers originally born as males will be matched against other people originally born as males and the same goes for transgender women boxers. 

For example, transgender individuals identifying as women but originally born as men could have too much power over transgender people who were born as women. This birth rule will make the matchups fair and advantageous enough for each individual to display their skills accordingly. 

When Will the Transgender Category Be Finalized? 

The transgender category being integrated into the World Boxing Council is still in the works. There is no set date on when the category will be formally introduced into the organization to start enrolling transgender boxing contenders. 

When more information is known about the exact date on which the transgender category will be finalized, another news update will be released. Stay tuned!

What Other World Sports Organizations Are Considering a Transgender Category?

World Aquatics, otherwise known before as FINA, which is a leading organization for worldwide water sports, has considered implementing an open category of contenders much like the WBC’s transgender category. FINA originally agreed in 2022 to begin work on getting this open category ready for transgender aquatic professionals interested in competing for the organization. 

FIFA, the world’s leading organization in professional football, is also readying to have an open category for their leagues as well. More is to come on developments for finalizing this change just like with the World Boxing Council’s new implementations. 

The History of Transgender Inclusion in Sports

Transgender inclusion in sports has become more mainstream in today’s world as people are not afraid to identify who they truly are in their self-identity. In 1990, the World Athletics organization was the first to implement a transgender category for their professional athletes. 

By 2004, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) had started allowing transgender athletes to compete in the Olympic games. Ever since other sports organizations have considered instituting a transgender athlete policy to make it fairer for individuals to compete. 

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