Nasa’s Virtual Tour App For Space Enthusiasts

There is good news for the entire space enthusiast as NASA, the USA agency is developing with a 3D app for virtual tour of the space pad.

It is an interactive app which is designed in such a way that is helps people to understand the daily combat problems which are faced by the scientists and engineers during their mission of space shuttle launch.

Nasa App

This app is developed to help the space curious learners to gather a good scale of learning.

This app is expected to be downloaded across millions and billions of computers and tablets within few weeks of its launch. The App can be downloaded here.

The app glides smooth across all the Android platforms and gives a high definition 3 dimensional vision of NASA mission to people.

The app is not freezed for conditional locations and can be accessed from anywhere. Any user who is opening the app will get to see a huge SLS rocket standing on a Launchpad which is ready for takeoff.

Andres Adorno, NASA’s project manager says he is intending to give people a 3d prospective of Launchpad called NASA 3DV. The development is being done to give better view to the users of the app of the spacecraft.

It has been developed by Media Fusion of Huntsville, Alabama, in association with NASA. The apps show some of the virtual models of the crawler & transporter carried for various missions in space.

The scene viewer of the app shows the virtual reality of the space shuttle from various angles to the users giving them an iconic preview.


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