US and Britain to provide nuclear submarines to Australia

US and Britain to provide nuclear submarines to Australia

The AUKUS partnership is planning to provide Australia with nuclear power submarine. It’s a long-term program that consists of several phases, each with its significance. The plan is to maintain peace in the Indo-pacific region and to counter China’s activity in the same.

This program will make Australia a powerful and prominent figure in the Indo-pacific region. On the other hand, China is claiming this program to be an act against itself from the west.

What are AUKUS and the submarine plan?

AUKUS stands for the partnership between Australia, UK, and US; this partnership currently agreed that it would provide a nuclear power submarine to Australia.

These plans consist of four phases, in the first face, the Australian personnel will be deployed to the establishment in the UK and the US, then they will be taught about nuclear power submarines, and some submarines from the US and the UK will take a short halt at the Australian port.

In the second phase, there will deployment of some submarines to the Australian port to provide a better understanding and to make the officers comfortable with the technology. Infrastructural changes will also be made in Australia to provide maintenance and repair for the submarines.

In the third stage, the US and UK will send the submarines and deploy them fully, and at this stage, Australia will also be familiar with the tech and various functions of the submarines. And in the last stage, Australia will be able to create its submarine.