Delhi Election result 2015 live: CNN-IBN, Times Now, AAJ Tak, NDTV live streaming

The much awaited results of the Delhi assembly elections are finally out today. The counting began at 8:00 a.m. in the morning.

According to latest results, the AAP has swept Delhi completely leaving the BJP in complete shock.

Latest stats -> AAP leading in 66, BJP 3, Others 1. 

Check constituency-wise Delhi results here.

India’s capital, which hasn’t had a government in about a year, will finally have the results of the votes which were cast in about 12,000 polling stations at about 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon.

The reporters from Wall Street Journal will be blogging live when the results are announced. Follow the counting live here.

The hours leading up to the result will be filled with anticipation because both the exit and opinion polls say that Bharatiya Janata Party to which Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister, belongs may not have the same historic win which they saw in the federal polls.

Watch CNN IBN live news here.

If the polls are to be believed then Aam Aadmi Party will see a win again. The leader of AAP, Arvind Kejriwal, exited early last year as the chief minister of the capital but that may not have deterred people from voting for his party again.

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Watch NDTV live news here.

The exit polls have predicted that AAP will win by a majority in state assembly. Polling may be highly unreliable in India, however if the polls hold up then it will prove to be a huge setback for Modi as well as his party after the kind of success they saw last year both at local and national level.

This is how the counting is carried out.

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At 6 in the evening on Saturday, the sections where the votes were recorded in the voting machines have been locked up in strong rooms and are under a police guard and video surveillance.

These machines will be sent all across the city on Tuesday into each constituency by returning officers.

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About 30 minutes will be required to count the postal ballots.

Based on the number of machines, several rounds of counting take place in each constituency.

The ‘result’ button on the machines when pressed will display the result which gets noted by the counting officer. This then gets the signature of the polling agent for each candidate and gets handed over to returning officer.

The sheet with the final result will be showing the number of votes garnered by each candidate. The final result will be declared by the returning officer before being sent over to chief electoral officer.

The officials of the election commission supervise the result which is also overseen by the observers. The returning officers can be overruled by these observers who also have the statutory power to annul or stop the count.

The election commission has predicted that about five hours will be needed for the winner to emerge. However the final announcement will take some more time.

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You can keep track of all the proceedings with the help of Wall Street Journal. We will also be providing the analysis and even commentary on vote and what the result means to both Delhi and India.

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