Salman Khan loses weight due to health issues

According to reports on Sept 23, 2013, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has lost eight kgs in five months in order to get in shape after he was operated in the US. salman khan 6 packs

Salman Khan was asked by his doctors to slow down the exercise regime after he underwent an operation for a nerve disorder in 2012.

He had to even shuffle his dates and postpone the shooting of one of his upcoming film “No Entry Mein Entry” due to health issues.

Last year it was revealed that Salman was suffering from a disease called facial nerve disorder which is called as trigeminal neuralgia which makes hoarseness and flex when he speaks which causes sharp pain in his chest and face.

Trigeminal Neuralgia which is also known as the suicide disease, is curable by a surgery which Salman Khan received last year in the United States.

Salman had said in an interview that he was suffering from this health problem since the last eight years and he only discovered last year that an operation is required.

Salman Khan described this pain as the “the worst pain on the planet” which makes his voice sound like a drunkard even though he did not had a single drop of alcohol.

Even recently at the Bigg Boss 7 TV show that he is hosting, he did not speak much as the host is needed to entertain the crowd. Other comedians like Kapil were roped in to help Salman do the entertaining part.