Christina Applegate Counters Candace Owens’ criticism of the Underwear Ad Featuring a disabled Model

Christina Applegate Counters Candice Owens' criticism of the Underwear Ad Featuring a disabled Model

On Thursday, March 23, Christina Applegate took to Twitter to voice her outrage at comments made by Candace Owens on her Daily Caller show on Tuesday, in which Owens questioned a promotion for Skims’ Adapted Scoop Bralette, which features a lady in a wheelchair.

The Skims’ controversy

The adaptive collection of underwear from Kim Kardashian’s shapewear line was introduced in April 2022 to help those with restricted mobility who struggle to put on and take off their undergarments. The marketing logically included disabled models promoting the line’s merchandise.

Owens, though, was illogical. She perceived a campaign commercial featuring a wheelchair user as another manifestation of woke culture.

Applegate’s response

As per Deadline reports, Applegate revealed in 2021 that she has MS and has been open about her battles with the illness. MS can result in visual loss, pain, exhaustion, and poor coordination, and Applegate has made appearances at events while walking the red carpet with a cane.

After seeing Owen’s comment, an outraged Applegate posted on Twitter saying she is trying to sleep, but the rage kept her awake; she further addressed Owens, asking her whether she knew how hard it was for Applegate to get her clothes on. A team has to help her get dressed, and thus, She’s excited about accessibility clothing that Skims provides.

But she did not stop there; in another tweet, she invited Owens to discuss the matter and educate her on being disabled.

Applegate wasn’t the only one who was offended by Owens’ illogical rant.

But, it appears that one TikToker did get through to Owens by explaining that the accessible line is intended for disabled people.

Owens praised the TikToker for providing her with information about the brand’s technology and why they endorsed such a campaign.


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