Google’s Prototype Device To Blast Body Odor

The tech giant Google is all set to introduce a new device to detect body odor. Google has already initiated a project towards developing a patent product which can detect your daily physical activities which causes sweat.

The device will be programmed to measure your body temperature variations at different hours, moisture presence in your skin and sweat level a various hours of the day.

The device will be meant for daily usage and shall be wearable.  It will automatically release fragrances once the sensors detect the odor presence in body.

Google’s Prototype Device To Blast Body Odor

Taking a bit step further Google is also planning to connect the device with Google maps for suggesting alternate route variations for lesser sweat.

The device will be programmed with artificial intelligence to rationally measure the amount of fragrance liquid to be sprayed every time it may come under use.

It also has an advanced feature of detecting your foul smelling social contacts whom you should stay away with. It has a fan attached to split the fragrance across all your body and spread its effect immediately.

The device is known as fragrance emission device. It is one of its kind of wearable tech product brought by Google. The idea is fresh and Google is expecting a warm welcome for the device.

Earlier to this Google also brought their smart Google glasses in market. As if now the prototype of the design is being worked upon and no news has been confirmed about its commercial production.

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