‘The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom’: Nintendo reveals new facets of the Zelda series

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom gameplay was finally revealed by Nintendo on Tuesday, March 28, before the game’s release.

The new clip displayed four new skills for Link, a closer view of the Sky Islands that have been in all of the trailers, the reintroduction of weapon durability, and much more.

What did the trailer reveal

Producer of the Zelda video game franchise Eiji Aonuma, showed Link facing up against a new foe known as a Construct in a 10-minute gameplay clip of Tears of the Kingdom. Link attacked it with a typical tree branch, which went from “badly damaged” to breaking in a matter of seconds.

But Aonuma demonstrated how the Fuse feature, which enables Link to fuse objects, equipment, and weapons, will increase a weapon’s strength.

Link created a temporary hammer out of a tree branch and a rock far more durable than a mere stick. It’s a fascinating development that will force Tears of the Kingdom players to reevaluate their equipment completely.

Fuse may combine two weapons, such as a stick and a pitchfork, to create a much longer weapon. You can Fuse materials to arrows to construct improvised elemental arrows or attach an eyeball to make a homing arrow. Sometimes even opponents will employ fused weaponry.

As per IGNIndia reports, Tears of the Kingdom has finished production in advance of its May 12, 2023 release date, and it will be soon that we’re exploring this reimagined Hyrule for ourselves.

Aonuma’s new inclusions

Aonuma also demonstrated in the trailer Link’s new Ultrahand skill, which will be used to build the vehicles featured in the most recent Tears of the Kingdom video. To power the raft, Link joined three logs and installed a fan he discovered on the ground. He then used the raft he had just made to sail across a river easily.

The creator then showcased Link’s new Ascend ability, which allows him to move through ceilings to the floor above. With the Ascend power, Link could avoid climbing inside a cave.

With the largest file size of any first-party Nintendo Switch game, Tears of the Kingdom will also be Nintendo’s first $70 game.


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