Government planning to set up Science Cities in India

The Central Government of India is planning to set up ‘Science Cities’ in four or five zones across the country. This news has been revealed by Y S Chowdary, the Union Minister of State Science and Technology.

The minister added that these cities will be built in four or five various zones which consists of more than three states each.

Y S Chowdary while addressing a press conference in Hyderabad said that each of these science cities will cater to scientific institutions and labs located in various states in that particular zone.

Science City India

The Science City will be of International Standard, and it will have impeccable infrastructure which comprise of a convention centre, high-end research laboratories and hotels. These Science Cities will allow regional and International researchers to make use of these facilities.

As per the Union Minister, the blue print of the Science Cities is in the initial stages. He added that the Union Ministry is planning to organize grand celebrations all across the country as a part of National Science Day in February 28, 2015. The celebrations will also pay homage in the memory of C V Raman, the Nobel Prize winner.

Y S Chowdary’s words indicate that the Central Government is planning to set up science labs in neglected schools all across the country. Under this new plan, the Government will allocate special funds for the renovation of under developed schools.

The Government is also planning to conduct skill development program for the youth in the country. The program aims to enhance the professional skills and communication ability among youngsters in the country.

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