Israeli Company develops hands-free smartphone for disabled

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An Israeli Company named ‘Sesame Enable’ has reportedly built a hands-free smartphone for the disabled. This smartphone is touted to be the first of its kind in the World as this device will allow disabled users to control the phone through head movement.

The think tank developer of this smartphone is Giora Livne who himself is disabled.

As per ‘The Times of Israel’ report, this phone designed by ‘Sesame Enable’ is solely dedicated for people who are the victims of spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and other disorders which hamper the proper movement of hands and arms.

hands-free smartphone for disabled

This smartphone runs in the Android platform, and it is equipped with proprietary head-tracking technology. Sesame make use of an advanced Computer vision algorithm, and with the help of the mobile phone’s front camera, the device detects the movement of the user’s head.

The user can navigate the cursor in this new smartphone with the help of head movements. This cursor literally acts as a virtual finger which will allow the user to click on specific tools and folders as per his wish.

As per Giora, he got the idea of hands-free smartphone after seeing a TV demonstration of a game controlled by head movements. The young developer now plans to give away 30 Sesame smart phones to people with disabilities.

With the help of this new smart phone, Giora is constantly in touch with his friends using Whatsapp, The smartphone will help people with disabilities to combat their long time isolation experience.

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