BSNL to slash 3G rates by up to 50% as a part of network expansion

BSNL stands as the network that took us closer to the new-gen communication wave. Since then, not much of a bucked up effort has been notched by the network provider, despite the rest coming to blows with offers.

But the state owned network provider is now having thoughts of boosting its hold by way of a 50% price slash on the usage of 3G networks.

The measure will be included in the eighth phase of BSNL’s network expansion plan, which may be expected to commence during the mid-year.


However, the prices may not be dropped all at once. More than 90% of the capacity has now been utilized, due to which the price-cut may have a sudden flurry of network traffic, which is also expected to be sorted out with their next phase of network expansion.

It needs to be seen how the new expansion plans may lure the consumers, as the smartphones arriving are already bragging the 4G LTE features, which still hasn’t taken the birth in the country.

It is expected that the eighth-phase of expansion of BSNL will include measures to expand its 3G capacity to its regional node centers. Check the BSNL tariff plans here.

The same will also give the nod for offering the support for IPv6. Currently, BSNL is offering 3G connectivity at the rates of Rs 171 for 1GB usage and Rs250 for 2GB usage, which is still in competition with the rates offered by other network providers.

The network provider is now standing on its seventh phase of network expansion plans, which is expected to be completed by June 2015. The allotted budget for this phase was around Rs 4800 crores.

BSNL is also likely to reduce the call tariffs following the dropping of interconnection charges by TRAI.

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