An average Delhi day rated bad air day in Beijing

Greenpeace India, the environmental activist group claimed that an average day in Delhi is considered as a bad air day in Beijing.

The environmental protection organization proclaimed the vitality of taking necessary actions as a part of the must implemented five year action plan to protect the Delhi people from the hazards of air pollution.

The Green NGO has conducted extensive studies on this issue, and they have collated Data comparing air quality in Delhi and Beijing.

bad air day in Beijing

As per Greenpeace, Delhi’s air pollution is more worse than the Chinese capital, and if authorities fail to combat this, it will surely fetch negative impacts in the near future.

Records from World Health Organization states that rising levels of air pollution in India is truly alarming.

As per them, New Delhi is the most polluted cities in the earth, and its air pollution may be 60 times more higher than what is considered to be safe. WHO also found that 13 out of 20 dirtiest cities in the world are in India.

According to an estimate by the University of Chicago, the air pollution in the country might have reduced the life expectancy by three years for more than 700 million Indians.

In China, things are considered to be more worse, as the pollution has shortened the lives of Northern Chinese people by 5.5 years.

Greenpeace India also alleged that despite of all these issues, the Union ministry has not given proper emphasis on pollution control in the annual budget.

Greenpeace also criticized Prakash Javadekar, the Environment Minister who told that pollution control measures are meant for developed countries, and the first preference of Indian Government is the eradication of poverty.

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