‘India’s Daughter’ ban not right: Anushka Sharma

‘India’s Daughter’, the documentary directed by Leslee Udwin which portrayed the real life story of ‘December 16 Gang Rape’ has been ruling the headlines for the past couple of weeks.

The Union Government banned the documentary in India, and this has fetched mixed reactions from various corners. Recently, Bollywood glam doll Anushka Sharma too joined the long list of Bollywood celebrities who criticized the Central Government’s move.

The 26 year old actress told that the Indian audiences are matured enough to pick the right and the wrong. She added that she has not watched the documentary yet.

“Such things like what to watch and what not to watch should be left to public discretion and people’s intelligence.


We are all educated people, and we know what is right and what is wrong. If these bans start persisting in the society, then people will feel repressed, and it will end up in further issues”, said the actress.

Anushka Sharma’s next movie is ‘NH 10’ directed by Navdeep Singh. The movie is touted to be a road thriller, and it will have umpteen numbers of adrenaline rushing moments. ‘NH 10’ was earlier scheduled to release on March 6, 2015, but due to issues with Censor Board of Film Certification, the release was postponed to March 13.

Neil Bhoopalam is doing the role of male lead in this movie. The young actor too expressed his views on the recent ban of the documentary.

He told that these kinds of bans will increase anger among people, and it will not create any positive impacts in the society.

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