China’s submersible ‘Jiaolong’ concludes Indian Ocean Expedition

China’s deep sea manned submersible named, ‘Jiaolong’ has reportedly concluded its 118 day expedition in the SouthWest Indian Ocean.

During the expedition, the submersible discovered deposits of precious metals, and different hydro thermal areas.

The maiden exploratory voyage has helped them to spot the areas which are blessed with Gold and Silver. Jiailong even conducted 13 successful dives to observe different hydrothermal areas.

China's deep sea manned submersible named, 'Jiaolong'

The expedition of the submersible helped them to discover various new hydrothermal vents and deep sea fissures which emits hot water.

Deep sea Chimney vents also known as ‘hydrothermal sulfide’ is basically a kind of sea bed which contains zinc, gold and silver.

The submersible also conducted studies on hydro thermal fluids and deep bio diversity, and it even gathered huge amount of data and samples.

China acquired the approval to explore the South West Indian Ocean in 2012 from the International Seabed authority. The approval is for 15 years, and during this time, China has authority to explore 10,000 sq kms of polymetallic sulphide ore deposit in an international seabed region of Indian Ocean.

The submersible is named after a mythical dragon, ‘Jiaolong’. The manned submersible will now begin its new expedition in the North West Pacific Ocean and it will be soon followed by a journey to Mariana Trench, where the submersible reached a depth of 7062 meters in June 2012. The mission in North West Pacific will be carried out from June to August, 2015.

The submersible will now be stationed at the National Deep Sea Center.

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