Atleast 400 Feared Dread As Passenger Ship Sinks In China

A disaster has struck China late night on June 1, 2015, as a packed ship with estimated 450 passengers is reported to have sunk in the Yangtze river in the southwest part of the country.

The time of the disaster for the ship named Dongfangzhixing, is reported to be around 9:28 p.m.

A report on Hindustan Times said that many teams are trying to rescue passengers, despite the strong waves of the river and wind that are proving to be major hindrances.

Atleast 400 Feared Dread As Passenger Ship Sinks In China

The ship was moving from Nanjing in eastern China to Chongqing and mostly had people traveling with five tour guides. Reports said many of the passengers were seniors, who were on a Shanghai travel tour.

The current reports said that only 10 people were rescued early on Tuesday, including the chief engineer and captain of the ship. Further sounds were known to be heard from the sunk ship.

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A part of the ship has emerged on the surface of the water, and rescue teams are trying their best to find more passengers.

The ship had 406 passengers onboard along with 47 crew members and five tour guides, the local administration is known to have said. The site of the disaster has been located, and 30 boats are trying for rescues.

The captain of the ship was quoted that the ship sank in very less time after being caught in the cyclone. The Yangtze is the longest river of the country.

It remains to be seen on how many people are rescued. For now, the rescue operations are on.