Google Hangouts launches its own website

There is some good news for people using Google Chat! Google Hangouts now can be used through its own website that was launched recently.

Apart from Gmail Google+ or browser plug-in, the app users now can use this application directly on its new website.

Jordanna Chord, a Google engineer in his Google+ post stated, the app users can have direct access to Hangouts by opening their new website which was recently launched by them. By browsing on their site, users can also exchange images.

google hangouts

The website can be opened as

Google Hangouts is an application, which allows you to send texts, exchange messages, can make voice calls through this app and also video calls. Basically it is an all in one social app, which helps the users to connect easily.

With the unveiling of this new independent website, users can have endless features and can explore many other things by browsing on their website.

Hangouts is basically a part of Google services, it was developed by separating it from one of its parent services.

The other ways of using Hangouts are still available, android users can download it from ‘Play store’, and other services like Google+, Gmail, browser plug-in are also available.

Google Hangouts can also be downloaded by Microsoft and IOS users and can be updated regularly.

No additional plug-in are required to open the independent website in Chrome, Fire fox or Safari browser.

Facebook recently got separated from this app, and the app was also updated  for its IOS and Android users recently.