Ridhi Dogra reveals why she almost turned down the role in ‘Jawan’

Asur actress Ridhi Dogra plays Shahrukh Khan’s mother in Atlee’s record-breaking film “Jawan”.

Although she was initially hesitant about taking on the role, Dogra received praise for her performance, including from Khan himself, who said that she accepted the role because it was a difficult time.

Ridhi Dogra in Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan’.

Atlee’s direction is set to break many records. SRK plays a hardcore vigilante in the film. The “Asur” actress plays his mother, Kaveri, in the film’ She got the best compliment from Shahrukh Khan Ridhi Dogra, recalling the best compliment she has received so far for the role, told IndiaToday.in: I think My biggest compliment came from the words Shah Rukh Khan said on stage. After you said you were willing to work with me again, I figured I didn’t need any more answers.

She added: “For me, this is very good. I am grateful for all the answers. I heard good things, and people were inspired. Everyone said ‘it’s time’. Here you go, work. It’s too hard for this. I try to please myself and do my best.” I’m trying to do better.” When asked why she is playing SRK’s mother on screen.

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When asked about the same, Riddhi told India Today: “Honestly, I was very nervous about this statement but I didn’t know any better. I didn’t understand what I had to do or No. It’s just what I saw in it. It’s hard for me, that’s the only thing that pushed me to do it.”

” I played the main role online and that’s when I was called for the role of Kaveri. For me, I’m a film student, so when I was told that Atlee wanted to meet me, it was a big deal.

That’s when they started making movies. I remember Shahrukh khan was at the shooting location when Atlee called me on the set.

It was important to me that a manager managing her pregnancy took the time to meet with me.

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How did she get the role?

Was she able to play Kaveri? Ridhi explained: “I tried something else with Mukesh Chhabra. I called a year ago in June 2022 and they said Atlee wanted to meet me soon. I was shocked and scared but he was happy and patient. It’s easy to talk to him.”

“Atlee told me about the role but it was a brief idea so I gave it some thought. I initially refused to play a mother on screen because I love Shah Rukh Khan a lot and was hesitant about him.

“This is SRK” I say. But then when Atlee called me to meet again, I believed in their process. Everyone wants to look beautiful a certain way; I’m a starlet, a fashionista, but also an actor.

That’s why I see becoming a mother as a challenge and I want to accept it. ”He added, “Atlee told me my character was going to become a meme supplied. This is filmmaking.

You have to take risks. In my own little way, I took risks. This is very scary for me. I was very nervous throughout the entire shoot. Is this a decision? I have to give it to Atlee, she had a good and honest attitude. It’s all in his head.”

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