Minimum taxes, quick payback, annual return of 5%, excellent infrastructure, and high level – all this is available when investing in the hotel business in the United Arab Emirates.

Attractive Emirates
Dubai in the 1960s

Dubai is a young city that in the mid-20th century was just a village where residents were engaged in pearl diving. However, after the discovery of oil in the mid-1960s, the situation changed dramatically. Investors included entrepreneurs from Europe, the USA, India and Pakistan.

Izzzi Life Mint

In March, Orange Group acquired apartments in Dubai from Saudi builders, and Izzzi Life Mint became the company’s first hotel in the UAE. This development is located in an attractive, tranquil, and clean area known as JVC (Jumeirah Village Circle). This area is a free zone for foreigners where property can be purchased privately.

Units for Everyone

Izzzi Life Mint is a finished building with a total area of 14.8 thousand square meters. There are five floors, underground parking, and a closed landscaped area with developed infrastructure.

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Apartment prices are available starting from $150,000, which includes a studio room ranging from 27 to 30 square meters with finishes, furniture, and appliances. To purchase ownership, you must pay the entire amount at once. After the transaction, buyers receive a free parking space.

The Izzzi Life Mint complex already has a steady stream of rental income. Investors can start receiving income immediately from the first month after purchase.

The Orange Group’s investment structure, known as Orange Life, offers a unique condition: investors have the right to live in their apartments for up to three months a year, and this period can be divided. In this case, clients pay only utility bills.

The management company takes care of all aspects of settlement and documentation, freeing investors from these worries. The guaranteed profitability of the project is 5% until the end of 2025, and additional bonuses are paid at the end of each year, if the profit exceeds 5%, the difference is transferred to the buyer.