Software developed to detect illicit nuclear weapon tests

A team of scientists headed by Erik Sudderth, assistant professor at Brown University in the US has developed a computer software which will help to detect illicit nuclear weapon tests undertaken by terrorist organizations all across the globe.

With the rise in the use of nuclear tests, this new method to get more control of it has spread a ray of hope among experts in this arena.

It should be noted that Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organisation has recently detected the blast conducted by North Korea during a nuclear test with the help of a global seismic network.

Software developed to detect illicit nuclear weapon tests

This Network has been named International Monitoring System, and it aims to make sure that no nuclear tests are going undetected.

Vertically Integrated Seismic Analysis (VISA) developed by Eric Sudderth and his team is capable of detecting those difficult to trace events which are a real treat to modern world and humanity.

The International Monitoring System comprises of 149 seismic monitoring stations around the globe. These stations will send seismic date to CTBTO’s Vienna headquarters, and from there, experts will compile it which will be later sent to nations around the world.

With the help of Integrated Seismic Analysis, it will not be a complex deal to measure the time, location, and magnitude of plausible seismic events.

After confirming the seismic activity, scientists will then review it to determine whether the impact is natural or man made.

The software which was used earlier to detect seismic activities was reportedly loaded with many glitches, but Erik Sudderth has confirmed that this new program is just impeccable in all manner.

The efficient inference algorithm in this program will help experts to confirm that the impact is real or human inflicted. .

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