Maha Shivratri‬‬ 2016 Greetings, Wishes, Quotes and images in great demand

Hindus all over the world are celebrating the auspicious moment of Mahashivaratri today. This day has been celebrated every year in reverence of Lord Shiva, and this year it falls on March 07, 2016.

Epics claim that Mahadeva married Goddess Parvathi on this day. Every year, Mahashivaratri is celebrated on the 13th night and the 14th day of the Hindu calendar month of Maagh.

During the Mahashivaratri day, Hindus used to stay awake throughout the evening for Lord Shiva, and this has been practiced everywhere in India.


People believe that Mahashivaratri celebrations will bring about that extra prosperity to this world, and Lord Shiva will protect the people all around this globe with his might and power.

Hindu believers all over the world are now searching for quotes, images and Greetings which will help them convey their Shivaratri wishes to dear ones and friends.  Check out Shivratri greetings here.

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Scroll down to read some awesome quotes you can send for your friends and family members.

1) Happy Mahashivaratri!!! May Lord Shiva bless you with all kinds of prosperity in your life. Stay Happy…..

2) May that eternal bliss of Lord Shiva brighten your soul and heart….Enjoy the bliss of Om Kara….Happy Shivaratri.

3) May Lord Shiva bless you with good health, prosperity and moreover a peaceful mind.

4) Evade all kinds of pains and sufferings from your life….Happy Mahashivaratri…

5) May Lord Shiva fill light and prosperity from this day…Stay Blessed and Enjoy your living…Happy Mahashivaratri.

Whatsapp message Inbox of Hindus will be flooded with Mahashivaratri wishes on this day. People will forgive their greed and grief to this day, and they will aim for a better future from this day.

Hindus believe that Shiva is a very powerful God, and worshiping him will bring about success in lives.

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