‘Balika Vadhu’ actress Roop Durgapal secretly marries Deepak Nailwal

'Balika Vadhu' actress Roop Durgapal secretly marries Deepak Nailwal

Roop Durgapal, better known as Sanchi from “Balika Vadhu” has confirmed her marriage with Deepak Nailwal. The news of her marriage was under the wraps for some time as she believed that her works should do the talking.

Speaking to IANS on June 12, 2016, the television Diva said that she has been married for quite some time, and it was an arranged marriage conducted with the consent of the couple’s parents.

Deepak is working as an executive for a leading Sports channel.

Roop believes that personal and professional lives should be kept separate, which is why she maintained the wedding news confidentially. She added that even her husband doesn’t love to shout loudly on relationship status, and he wishes to maintain privacy when it comes to family.

She also expressed her satisfaction with married life and added that she enjoys it to the fullest. As per Durgapal, both her’s and Deepak’s families are comprised of very private people, and there is no need to shout about the success of their romance from the rooftop.

According to Roop, this revelation was made just for her fans, as they used to ask every Valentine’s day about her cupid. The actress clarified that she didn’t date anyone because she is married and is happy with it.

The 27-year-old star is now one of the most popular television stars in the country. Her role in “Balika Vadhu” was received positively by the audiences, and she is also doing another crucial role in “Swargini.” In 2013, she nominated for the Colors Golden Peta Awards in the “Most Tez Taraar Personality” category.

Born and brought up in Almora, Uttarakhand, Durgapal is a graduate of Instrumentation and Control Engineering. The scintillating beauty has worked in Infosys before starting her career in acting.

Apart from TV Serials, the actress has also made her appearance in umpteen numbers of television advertisements.

At this juncture, we wish all the best to Durgapal and her better half.

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