Delhi Transport Corporation calls on advertisers to generate revenue

In a bid to save itself from the ongoing loss of 3 crores every day the Delhi Transportation Corporation (DTC) has taken the advertising route. The DTC bus will now be seen entirely covered in advertising. The State Transport Authority have already given their approval for this.

So DTC has invited for the interested advertiser to come along and bid for their space on the bus. However, the buses which run under the South Delhi Corporation will not advertise since the authority has not yet given their approval.

For now, east and north civic body have given their nod for this proposal. Whereas the South Municipal Corporation has yet to give their consent. But so far the corporation is very hopeful that this move will help in restoring the losing business.

Delhi Transport Corporation

Advertisers to bid shortly:

Around 1,825 buses and 17 depots which fall under the north and east MCDs have been selected for the advertisers to bid on. Now the publicity department of DTC is waiting to get a formal approval from the South MCD.

The Delhi Transport Corporation have stated that apart from the entire exterior space, hand railing, the back side of the driver’s seat along with LED screens will also be available for displaying advertising on the bus.

At the same time, DTC has several depots and bus queue stops where it will be generating revenue through advertising.

All revenue generation models explored:

Experts, on the other hand, feel that DTC should not only limit itself to advertising, it will also have to develop shopping and office complexes so that more revenue can be generated.

But it is only possible if they do it on a Public Private Partnership (PPP) basis. The ministry panel had suggested that they can further boost their revenue by constructing budget hotels.

The DTC bus currently holds 87 sites on prime location out of which ten properties remains empty. These provide a tremendous opportunity for the corporation to recover from their loss.

At the same time, this move will not only ensure regular revenue but will help to keep buses and the bus depot clean for the travelers.

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