Indore gets first heart transplant center in MP

Indore, the commercial hub of Madhya Pradesh created news when it created a green corridor to transports organs for transplant in different parts of the nation. Indore is now poised to set another record and become the first transplant center in the state.

According to Times of India report the district administration has given the go-ahead to Medanta hospital to open a heart transplant center in the city.

This news was provided by Dr. Sanjay Dixit, secretary, Indore Organ Donation Society. Dr. Dixit informed TOI that Medanta hospital had applied for permission to start a transplant facility in the town. After completing all the legal formalities, the hospital has been given the authorization to initiate the service.

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Indore has witnessed nine instances of the creation of green corridors for the transport of organs in the last nine month. The organs have been able to save the lives of nearly 30 patients.

The business hub did not have any transplant facility and therefore the organs harvested were sent to Mumbai. Green corridors are created to fast track the transport of organs to such facility. The organs must be transplanted to the donors within six hours.

The concept of green corridors was first tried out in Indore for speedy transport of the harvested organs to transplant facility, and the concept has been successfully followed in other towns also. Dr. Sandeep Shrivastava, medical director and director cardiac surgery, Medanta Hospitals saluted the city residents for their pioneering efforts, and now this facility is available in the city itself.

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The process of transplantation of organs is a very complicated process which requires active cardiac back-up to take care of the recipient who is already in a weak condition.

Transplant patients need post-operative care especially since their body is in an immune-compromised state. The immune system of the recipient is artificially made weak to prevent rejection of the grafted heart by the body’s immune system. It makes the recipient vulnerable to foreign systemic infections. Medanta cardiac team is readying itself for the first transplant procedure in the central Indian town

Apart from Heart transplant, the city may soon get facilities to transplant liver. The Choithram Hospital and Research Centre, CHL Hospital and Bombay Hospital have also sent proposals to start transplant facilities, and their offer is being studied.

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