Mid-day Meal Program in Chennai suffers due to Insufficient staff

CHENNAI- The Social Welfare and Nutritious Meal Programme Department have issued job opening for 10,000 vacancies some months back. The workers have said that insufficient work staff has caused problems for them.

But the main reason behind vacancies going unnoticed was due to the election that was taking place in the city. Since the election has come to end, the vacancies will be filled at the earliest. But the state government will have to see that all the above positions are allowed.

Also, insufficient pay and heavy workload are taking a toll on the existing workers who are working as part of the noon meal program. In a recent survey, it was found out that out of the 1780 positions only 439 positions have been filled up. The state government will have to take some step at the earliest to fill up the position of organizers, cook, and cooking assistants.

Mid-Day meal scheme:

The Ministry of Human Resource Development and Department of School Education and Literacy recently conducted a fifth Joint Review Mission Report on mid-day meal scheme. The officers found out that 713-noon meal employees post were lying vacant in Tuticorin district. The total sanctioned position available is 4,466.

The report further stated that in most of the school’s firewood was usually used instead of LPG gas. Beside this, there is also some school that still does not have LPG connection.

But this information is quite opposite to the laws that have been implemented by the state government in Chennai. According to Ministry the expense of nine subsidized LPG cylinders cost has to be borne by the State government. This fee will be deducted from the fund allocated for cooking costs.

Irregular payments also is one of the reasons:

One other issue that has been raised by the Meal Organising Union is the irregularities in payment and the delay in promotion. These problems have made the workers lazy to perform well.

The other main reason is the heavy workload because of insufficient work staff which has led to providing quality less food to the student. Many of the employees also complain that the government is allocating very less fund to school.

To bring this issue to the front, the members will submit a petition before the Assembly session takes place this year.

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