Fourth federal stimulus check: amounts, requirements and what we need to know

The covid-19 pandemic produced a once in a century situation, keeping fingers crossed on monkey pox, that brought an unprecedented reaction from local, state and federal governments

To avert a repeat of that dark moment in history the federal government took steps above and beyond anything previously seen to stave off a complete economic collapse.

Federal government takes historic steps to avert economic disaster

During the course of the worst of the pandemic the US government sent eligible Americans three direct payments for up to $3,200 in total.

This and the sky-high inflation the economy has experienced, among other factors, is why there will not be a fourth federal stimulus check.

Financial help that is still available and could be coming

Consumers have felt the impact of inflation across the board but perhaps most so at the grocery store and when filling up with gas.

It was highly touted among Democrats and proponents for easing the economic hardship of families and reducing poverty.